Traitment of damp walls 

DT2F supports you in the treatment of damp walls in Sablet. Thanks to the Diathonite Deumix + natural solution, get rid of all traces of moisture and erosion on your surfaces.

Humidity-related phenomena

The accumulation of humidity in the walls can cause many problems that manifest themselves with the deterioration of the masonry, such as the appearance of saltpetre, a layer of small whitish crystals.

The most common phenomena related to moisture from capillary surges are :

  • The chemical reactions caused by the salts inside the wall cause problems such as efflorescence and subefflorescence.
  • Detachment of plaster and erosion of masonry mortar.
  • The crystallization of salts, consequence of the detachment of the surface layer on a stone support or on a masonry block.
  • The increased heat loss from the building.
  • Colder walls with the possibility of condensation, stains and mold.

As you will have understood, it is important to proceed with the treatment of damp walls after the installation of the Aquapol device. Located in Sablet, D2TF deploys the natural Diathonite Deumix + solution within a radius of 100 km, in the cities of Valence, Aix-en-Provence, Marseille and even Montpellier.

The Diathonite Deumix + solution: dehumidification and sanitation of walls

Diathonite Deumix + is a completely natural pre-mixed coating, designed and developed by our partner in the treatment of facades Diasen. It allows dehumidification and sanitation of the walls after drying them with the polarity reverser.

This macroporous coating facilitates the evaporation of moisture from the wall to the outside while controlling the humidity of the premises. The coating, rich in cavities, allows to receive the residual salts transported by moisture inside the masonry and to remove the tensions due to the formation of salt crystals and to prevent the detachment of the coating.

DT2F chose this product because of its entirely natural composition. It is made from hydraulic lime, clay, cork and diatom powder. It fully meets the standards of eco-construction and is, as such, mainly used in the renovation of old and historic buildings.

Diathonite Deumix + is also the only coating that unites wall dehumidification with the excellent thermal insulation capacities linked to cork.