Natural and ecological facade renovation

Rénovation de façade naturelle

DT2F offers you a natural facade renovation solution in Sablet. Discover aerial lime, a coating that is as well suited to contemporary homes as to old buildings.

Your facades with air lime

DT2F has chosen restoration with traditional air lime mortars. This technique provides solutions for all types of facades:

  • Traditional house
  • Phoenix House
  • Adobe house
  • Old building
  • Stone Mas

This exceptional product is both aesthetic and durable. With such a solution, your facade will hold over time with an inimitable cachet because, as it ages, the coating becomes naturally patinated. A wide choice of colors, bright shades and a wide range of finishes are available: float, fine scraped, scraped, crushed, rough projection, etc. Follow the news of the facade renovation to keep you informed of new developments.

Effective in many areas, air lime limits the proliferation of microorganisms, mosses and lichens by its sanitizing action. Thanks to its expertise, DT2F provides an answer to your problem by using quality products to enhance your assets.

Benefits of a natural lime coating

The choice of an air-lime renovation is necessary if the facade of your house or building is deteriorating. It helps stop its deterioration and protect it by renovating it.

Air lime is a healthy and natural material whose aesthetics will allow you to enhance your architecture over time.

Its strong points :

  • Let the water vapor circulate for a good breathing of the walls
  • Reduces rising damp in the walls
  • Supports small movements of the frame and limits the appearance of cracks thanks to its flexibility
  • Promotes reversibility of laying and adhesion by molding

Contact the expert on ecological façade renovation for any additional information or request for intervention near Sablet. DT2F moves to a 100 km radius near Valence, Aix-en-Provence, Marseille and Montpellier to implement its façade renovation solutions.